Electrolux Company has long been developing high-quality equipment for the preparation of various dishes, which serves as an excellent assistant in the kitchen. One of such equipment is a professional air-o-convect. With this oven, you can cook food in various ways: frying, steaming, and baking. The company Electrolux produces equipment for a wide range of users – from small and large restaurants, canteens, cafeterias, as well as for personal use. This first-class oven designed for cooking meat dishes, fish, pastries and more. If you want to get this innovate equipment, please visit

Among our products, you can find gas, electric and touchline air-o-convect ovens.

Air-o-convect ovens advantages

What are the benefits of this oven?

  • This technology from Electrolux makes any process in the kitchen forgiving and more comfortable.
  • The mechanism of the oven designed so that the heat in the oven chamber distributed automatically in such a way that the dish cooked from all sides, and it does not need to be turned over.
  • Temperature control carried out by a unique internal sensor, which determines the permissible temperature.
  • All kinds of additional functions and accessories, a convenient control panel, gives chefs an incredible pleasure from work – professionals from Electrolux have been striving for this for several decades.
  • Also, this furnace characterized by a wide range of sizes, the body, and chamber of a stainless steel furnace, and the same heat-resistant double glass door with a channel for dripping water.