There used to be a time when women had only one perfume which was their signature scent. Modern ladies, however, prefer to use the scent that reflects their current mood. This trend has caused the creation of the term “the perfume wardrobe”. This wardrobe has several very different perfumes which can belong to different categories. Let’s explore a variety of scents.

Types of perfume

The 1st type is citrus. Perfumes which are infused with the essence of citrus fruits are perfect for the daytime. They seem energetic and bright. It’s a perfect scent to wake up in the morning and have a great mood for the rest of the day. You can find citrus notes in fragrances like Clinique Happy, Jo Malone Grapefruit.

Floral type is one of the most popular. It creates the impression of a good girl and seems very feminine. It’s a great choice when you go to a church, wedding, ballet, etc. The most expensive representatives of the category are No. 5 by Chanel, Lancome Tresor.

Fruity scents are great for the first dates. They are light and brings. You can find perfumes that smell like apple, peach, berries, etc. Some of the best fruity fragrances are Montale Pretty Fruity, Escada Taj Sunset.

In case you like fresh scents, you’ll like green and oceanic fragrances. You should also explore oriental, spicy, and woody fragrance which are great for the evening and leave a mysterious impression. YSL Opium, Chanel Coco will be great.