The electric chainsaw has a lot of advantages over fuel one. And if you are going to work in your own garden not far from the power supply source, then you simply cannot think of a better option than an electric chainsaw. First, the power saw is unpretentious in operation and maintenance. It does not need to prepare special fuel mixtures and carry out special seasonal maintenance.

Secondly, the power saw is less noisy and does not produce exhaust gases. Of course, it is impossible not to mention that electric saws are usually inferior in power petrol. But their performance is enough for a full-fledged work on cutting in the garden. You can check it on a bestchainsawadviser website to know everything about chainsaw specifications.

The working range

The complexity of the task and the time that the saw spends on this task directly depends on the engine power. The more powerful the saw, the faster it will be able to cope with sawing thick logs and felling trees. However, keep in mind that as the power saw will consume more electricity during difficult tasks.

That is why there are enough household models with a capacity of up to 2500 watts for seasonal work in your own garden. The length of the tire depends on how large trees and logs you can cut with one saw. This indicator is very important for inexperienced users who are not familiar with various techniques of felling and sawing. The normal tire for garden household works is the tire in length of 300-400 mm.

Many professionals are inclined to believe that the standard “screw” system is more reliable, for the simple reason that it is more primitive. The fact is quite controversial since many well-known manufacturers use tool-less systems.